January 4th, 2016


Here we go!

last year I put out an album with Feral that got great reviews and named to some Best of Year lists, went on a micro-tour with the amazing Carolyn Mark and pals, played a show for The Secret Emchy Society that was 3 seats shy of sold out, traveled to music festivals in London, DC, and New Orleans, spent a bunch more time in Santa Monica falling in love with the ocean, started a food and booze blog [booze-and-bones.tumblr.com], started personal training / boxing again, made crazy music and collaboration plans for the new year, got an amazing new puppy, and worked my way through a lot of intense grief, depression, interpersonal conflict, crisis of faith, and honest awe at how the world works and comes together. I don't know what this year holds yet. But my only resolution is to be open to it being freaking awesome. To looking for the opportunities and grabbing them whole heartedly. To embracing all of the yay that is waiting. And for the crappy parts? Learning to learn from them. Also this is a bit of a call to arms. If you want to work with me, collaborate, write, text, chat, create stronger friend and art bonds to start making our own revolutions... just say the word. My intention this year is to say yes as much as, and however I can.