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Catching Up with Myself

Today started with rainy highways and New Orleans jazz, driving the vanpool into work all clicked in to WWOZ internet radio and while my fellow riders half slept and zombied out to cell phone updates and email checking I imagined I was driving through a lush and heady humid storm heading down the 10 towards my city. Arriving in Sunnyvale instead wasn't the most pleasant surprise, but the ride getting there felt at least a little magical.

I'm torn up and tired from last nights show up in Glen Ellen. Vagabondage played the Jack London Museum / House of Happy Walls up at Jack London State park. It was a fancy affair with beer provided by Lagunitas, tickets were $20, the Sonoma papers gave us a good amount of press, and we shredded ourselves to lovely moody raucous musical bits for over 90 minutes of passion. Completely acoustic and thus my throat is hamburger today. But oh those moments. One guy was so moved he bought a CD with plans to play it at his fathers wake. Another woman bought one saying it reminded her of all the good and hard parts of being in love.  I was just moved, surrounded by so many old trees, moss, stone, and wood. Transported. And that's the best part of making music.

The day before Rhubarb Whiskey did a couple hours of interview and music on Lilycat's radio show. Oh that Sizzle makes me laugh. It is always interesting too to hear your music in other people's context. How they react, what they see. We shared a few trade secrets of our recording process, and got into a nice healthy argument about the use of strawberries in rhubarb pie. Oh I love my strange little quirks about food. Why do I care so much. and yet... there I am again arguing against the cloying sweet.

When I got home, or actually, on the way home from the radio show, while my eye began its allergic reaction and started swelling shut, I started getting inspired and full of the ideas. Phone recordings of four new songs happened while stuck in traffic and getting home and running to the music cave meant another song was born and constructed and I'm kind of in love with it. The other four, I'm hoping to dive into them tonight.

Oh there are so many more things to say. There always are. Meanwhile - here's a little pic of me that John Flaw took just before our show last night in the park.

Emchy at House of Happy Walls


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Feb. 20th, 2013 04:05 pm (UTC)
I love this picture :)
Feb. 20th, 2013 06:29 pm (UTC)
Lovely pic and yay for inspiration!
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